Killing Floor 2.0

The gory FPS video game that has players going up against hordes of enemies

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    Windows Vista / Windows XP

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    6.6 (459)

Killing Floor is a cooperative first-person shooter game, where players team up to fight back waves of enemy mutants. Created by developer Tripwire Interactive, the game consists of a series of relatively short levels, each of which hosts a number of enemy waves in succession. In between waves, players can visit a shop on each level to upgrade their guns and other equipment with the money accumulated from killing enemies.

Although Killing Floor can be played as a single-player game, it really shines when played with friends. Up to four players can get together, with each player taking on a specific role. Players who enjoy using sniping weapons, for example, can select a class that specializes in such implements, while others might instead enjoy focusing on shotguns. Even players who prefer to support their teammates rather than fighting monsters directly are accommodated by the class system, in fact, a nice touch that allows for a variety of gameplay approaches.

Although Killing Floor is a shooting game through and through, there is, in fact, some strategy involved. Every player is equipped with a welding torch that can be used to seal up doors strewn throughout each level, and making good use of these tools is often critical to succeeding on harder difficulties. Players will generally want to pick a portion of each level to hole up in when the enemies start coming in thick, and sealing doors shut will give them the ability to narrow down the possible approaches. When enemies begin breaking down such blockades, one player can even focus on shoring them up while the others shoot monsters coming from other directions.

Killing Floor also features some extremely satisfying shooting action. The developers are greatly experienced with this, having created the critically acclaimed Red Orchestra shooting games as well, and the guns in Killing Floor have an intense, satisfying feel that really contributes to making the game more fun. Little touches like an automatic slow-motion interlude that occurs when a head shot is occurred draw players in further, making sure that, despite most of the action focusing on shooting, it never grows old.

For most players, that is. Although the aforementioned strategic considerations do play an important role, Killing Floor is about shooting. Some players will find that this focus grows old quite quickly, an understandable complaint. Others, however, will find in Killing Floor a terrific way to enjoy some intense online action with friends.


  • Fast, fun, cooperative action with added depth in the form of a well-designed, persistent class system.
  • Truly satisfying and engaging gun-play.


  • Some players will find the game a little one-dimensional.
  • Production values could be higher as could the variety of enemies.

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